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Ellen Boyle: Support Worker

Being a support worker is not always an easy job. You have to have patience, empathy, flexibility and most definitely the ability to think on your feet...

Fortunately for us, Ellen Boyle has all of that in buckets! She joined us in January of 2021 and has so far been able to provide top class support to our clients, all of whom have been thrilled to get the chance to work with her.


Ellen primarily works with her husband Craig as Managing Director of Content by the Sea (, providing copywriting, web design and email marketing services to whoever needs them. Having spent many years working in Digital Marketing, Ellen has an excellent ability to understand where businesses are lacking in their content strategy and help them come up with a plan to optimise their content, all while staying true to their values. She also writes a weekly newsletter talking about work culture and mental health in Conversations by the Sea, something she is incredibly passionate about.


Having previously not heard of This is Me, she became intrigued after conversations with another one of our support workers and decided that it was something she wanted to get involved with and we’re really glad that she did. So far, she has provided support to four separate clients with website copy, blog writing, newsletter writing and website management and maintenance. Her aim is to help them find the words to get their message across so that their audiences know exactly what it is they do.


We have clients who work in many different industries and it’s this diversity that Ellen very much enjoys. Getting the opportunity to work with a range of people, all while knowing that the support she provides is making a huge impact in their lives and businesses is what really makes it worthwhile and provides immense job satisfaction.


But for Ellen, it’s more than simply providing a service. It’s all about getting to know the client, understanding their needs, how they work and listening to them. Their needs can vary from month to month so the ability to be flexible, adapt and take initiative is essential. Ultimately, being a support worker is about providing support in the areas where the client’s condition may be holding them back and ensuring they reach their goals.


So far, Ellen is loving her time with This is Me. The whole team have been a pleasure to work with; there’s always someone available to answer a query and all of the staff have been very friendly and approachable. She would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to challenge themselves to do something different. Your skills could be just the thing that is missing and could provide invaluable support to someone who just needs a helping hand.


If you’d like more information about becoming a support worker then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!


Email: [email protected]

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