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Great British Entrepreneur Awards!

What we do has never been about recognition or awards, however, when nominations came up for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, we thought, why not...

This is Me was created as a way to help people with chronic illnesses and disabilities get the help and support they need. We do it because we love seeing people who might otherwise have been pushed aside or marginalised, reach their potential and flourish. It’s never been about recognition or awards, however, when nominations came up for the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, we thought, why not!


Launched in 2012, the awards were created out of the belief that entrepreneurs are much more than simply what they do; they have a story, a history, a reason behind what they do. Founder Francesca James wanted to create a platform for all entrepreneurs that celebrated who they are and give them a place to connect, collaborate and thrive among like-minded people who all want to tell their story in their own way.


Since then, the awards have grown into a booming community, creating opportunities for businesses to showcase their individuality and growing from strength to strength each year. We were incredibly privileged to be a part of it in 2021 and to be nominated in two categories, both of which we feel reflect our desire to work within the community and help others:


The Entrepreneur for Good Award – an award created to recognise those whose business model contributes to public good and sustains social value.


The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award: for the Northeast region – given to the person that best demonstrates a strong work ethic, ability to take action and be a leader in challenging situations. Someone who gets things done!


We think it’s fair to say that Michelle and the team here at This is Me fit both of those categories, although it took Michelle a little while to get around to actually doing it. Never one to blow her own trumpet, she had to be ‘gently pushed’ into making the application and we have no doubt that without the prodding, she wouldn’t have done it at all.


“My business mentor suggested I apply for the awards, as this is something I have never done before, and never really considered. I put it off and off, started the application a


nd got a bit overwhelmed by the questions, then on the day of the deadline, I completed it. Never really thought anything else about it.


It wasn’t until a business friend/colleague messaged me congratulating me, that I realised I had been shortlisted as a finalist, I was shocked, honoured and very grateful to be shortlisted among some amazing businesses, in itself a great achievement and one I am very proud of, especially after the last 18 months.”


It really is a privilege to be nominated and although we didn’t win, we’re still extremely proud of ourselves and Michelle for what she created. It’s been fabulous to end the year on a high note and we’re so excited to see what else is going to happen in the new year!


Bring it on!

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