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Lewis Richardson – Client Profile

Our client profile this month is a little different as we’re focusing our attention on Lewis Richardson, who is not only a client of This is Me, but an employee too...

Having worked in the team since April 2021, it’s been fantastic to see how he has grown over this time, not only at work but also in his personal life. Lewis was born with DiGeorge Syndrome (read our blog here to find out what it’s all about) but has never let it stop him from achieving his goals.


Before working with us, Lewis was employed at a local gym but really wanted to go somewhere that he felt would give him a bit more of a challenge. As someone with a disability, he loved what the business stands for and was very keen to be a part of it all, in whatever way he could be. For our part, we loved (and still love) his enthusiasm for the job and his drive to learn.


Lewis’ role within the team is as a Junior Administrator. He is responsible for general admin tasks such as filing, scanning and shredding, ensuring that these get completed by the deadlines. He helps create and maintain the paperwork that is sent out to clients regarding their Access to Work claim and liaises with the clients by post and by email. He also makes sure that all general office upkeep and tasks are completed by the end of his day and helps to keep the office running smoothly.


When Lewis first joined the team, the office was a very different place. There were only 4 members of staff including himself and only approximately 20 clients. 18 months later that has grown to accommodate permanent members of staff and over 100 clients! He feels that it is important for each client to receive the support they need and gets the best possible customer service from us and he works hard every day to make sure that happens.


As a client of This is Me, he also has a support worker and Lewis has said that it has been a major contributor to helping him develop in his role. Having that support in place means he has been able to become much more confident and capable in his skills, resulting in him being given more responsibilities in the office and which has enabled him to take the growth in the company absolutely in his stride.


Going into an office role from his previous one gave him the challenge he wanted and has given us a very valuable member of staff. Even when he battles daily with Microsoft Excel, which he had no knowledge of at all when he started, he still has a smile on his face and is always positive in himself and interactions with the rest of the team.


When he’s not at work, Lewis is an avid sports lover and can usually be found watching some form of sporting event. As a season ticket holder for Newcastle United, he attends every home game, but one of his biggest dreams was to go to Silverstone to watch the British Grand Prix, something he accomplished earlier this year. Definitely a moment to remember! When he’s not immersed in sports, he can be found playing video games or socialising with his granddad playing dominos or eating some delicious food.


When asked what his proudest achievement is so far in his life, he immediately said that it was becoming engaged to his lovely girlfriend Lisa. They are hoping to get married within the next few years but at the moment are focusing on getting a house together.


We’re so thrilled for Lewis and can clearly see the change in him throughout his time with us. He has become more confident, more outgoing and more independent, excited for his future and looking forward to seeing how his role will develop as the company grows. The sky is the limit for Lewis and for us, it’s been an absolute privilege to be a part of it.



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