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Phil Benton – Client Profile

As one of our first clients all the way back in 2019, it has been a pleasure working with Phil over the years and seeing how his business has not just grown, but thrived...

He’s always been a fantastic photographer but watching him grow as a businessman has been amazing. And as with most of our clients, his journey isn’t straightforward, with a few twists along the way!


Having trained as a painter and decorator from the age of 15, Phil was pretty certain that was the direction his life was going to take. However, whilst working on stately homes, he had an unfortunate bike accident which ultimately led to a diagnosis of M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). This altered his course somewhat as he was no longer able to continue in his previous work.


Phil had always had an interest in art but wasn’t sure if it was something he’d be able to make a living from. His lightbulb moment (don’t we love one of those) came when he was encouraged by his mother-in-law to attend a photoshop course and found that he was actually pretty good at it. The course taught him how to manipulate images and create art from photographs which he very much enjoyed doing, so Phil decided to join his local Camera Club in South Shields. Armed with his very first SLR camera, he set off around the North East taking pictures of everything and anything.


In 2013, Phil held his breath, took a big leap of faith and created Phil Benton Photography. Specialising in Landscape and Wildlife, his initial plan was to try selling basic prints. However, he realised that this was a very niche market and quite often found to be out of his customers  budget’s. He knew he needed to branch out and decided to add in a range of products at varying price points, so that there would be something for everyone.



Prints – While Phil has mostly stuck with his initial love of Landscapes and Wildlife, he also offers gorgeous prints of North East landmarks, Industrial images and snapshots from his travels, all of which come in varying sizes and materials.


Miniatures – If a full size print is too big for you, Phil offers smaller miniature prints measuring at approximately 3” x 2” – perfect if you’re short on space!


Motivational Prints – Having struggled a little with his health, Phil knows how much a simple positive message can make you smile. He decided to create prints with a motivational quote on for those who need a little reminder from time to time.


Coasters and Greeting Cards – An eye-catching coaster is a must in every household and Phil’s are certainly that! If you’re looking for a token to send to family or friends, greeting cards never go amiss. They look great framed too.


Gifts – Phil also offers a range of gifts with something for everyone. If you’d like to look at some wildlife while you’re drinking your tea then a mug is absolutely for you. Working at your computer? A mouse mat is just what you need. There’s tote bags, chopping boards and even jigsaws for those puzzle minded souls! If what you really want is a reminder year round, then you should snap up one of Phil’s calendars. If you’re still not sure, you can always get a gift voucher and decide later.


(Check out Phil’s website – link below – to find out more information for all of these amazing products)


When he’s not out taking photos, you can often find Phil at local fairs, showcasing his work and admiring all of the creativity around him. He loves meeting people, connecting with them and sharing his work with art lovers, nature enthusiasts and everyone in between. However, while he enjoys this aspect of his work, the M.E. can make it very fatiguing for him, so he was thrilled when This is Me helped him find his business assistant. With someone by his side taking care of everything behind the scenes, Phil is able to concentrate more on the creative side of the business, and really, that’s what it’s all for.


The main goal with his photography is to make people smile. He loves nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up as one of his photographs evokes a memory or simply makes someone happy. Art can be extremely powerful and Phil’s keen eye for the perfect shot and passion for his work, make it so much easier to evoke those emotions.



Phil has worked hard over the years to build up a huge following on social media and was absolutely chuffed to bits to be commended in Landscape Photographer of the year in 2017! A massive achievement and we couldn’t have been happier for him. We can’t wait to see where he goes next!



You can find Phil here:

Website –

Facebook –

Instagram –

LinkedIn –

Twitter –

TikTok – Phil is learning to use this so watch this space!

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