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Meet the Team – Kelly Blyth

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The This is Me Employment Agency has been going from strength to strength this year and a mere two months after the lovely Clare was brought into the family, the team has expanded again! With the continued business growth there came a growing need for extra administration help, so we are delighted to introduce Kelly Blyth to the team as the (very much needed!) part time Business Support Administrator.

While Kelly is still new to the job and logistics are still being worked out, the aim is for her to be responsible for all of the behind the scenes administration work which will hopefully free up Michelle’s time to focus more on client related tasks and business development. Fortunately, as an experienced administrator who is no stranger to hard work, it’s right up Kelly’s street and by working part time she is still able to be there for her family including her two teenage boys, who are mostly independent (sort of) but still need their mam’s input.

With a history of working in retail management, Kelly has also spent time working for Monarch Airlines, delivery company Hermes (where she still works part time in the sorting office) and for eleven years she worked in her husband’s Stationery business taking care of all of the accounts and administration. She had been interested in working with This is Me for a while as she loves what the agency does and was looking for a worthwhile role where she could help make a difference to people’s lives and luckily, that’s just what she got.

Having been part of the team for a few weeks now, Kelly has had the opportunity to see first-hand just how much of a difference the support offered by the agency has had on all of the clients and their businesses. This is Me takes all of the stress and worries out of applying for Access to Work and dealing with paperwork and red tape, meaning that the client is simply able to focus on themselves and their work which is a huge relief for many. And the support doesn’t end once the application process is complete; it carries on throughout which makes a huge difference to the client knowing that that help is always there.

Dealing with the Government does mean lots of bureaucracy and unfortunately, lots and lots of paperwork and Kelly has been surprised at just how in depth the process is! It can take anywhere up to three or four months to get a new client on board as it’s a very involved process that can be complicated by the lack of consistency from advisors. It’s definitely a lot more than Kelly anticipated but she also feels good knowing that she’s helping to take some of that work off Michelle’s shoulders.

Looking forward to the New Year, Kelly is excited at the future prospects and ready to get more involved with the business. She’s definitely joined at an exciting time with the imminent office move coming up and the continued business growth so we’re sure there’ll be no shortage of things to do! 2021 is definitely going to be an exciting year!

Welcome to the team Kelly!


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