Meet The Team - Lynda

Lynda sits on a sofa in the This Is Me office smiling.

With This is Me continuing to grow every day, we decided that it was important that our clients know exactly who they can talk to when they have any queries or questions. We know how easy it can be for things to get lost in the system, so we wanted to make sure that didn’t happen with us! With that in mind, we decided to introduce the role of Client Welfare Officer and found the lovely Lynda to fill it.

A local lass, Lynda has over twenty years of experience in retail management and has always loved working with people. In her previous job with Karen Millen, one of the things she enjoyed most was managing the staff and the interactions with the customers. She has led many teams and helped bring out the best in people, which is one of the many, many fab qualities that she brings with her to This is Me amongst all of the other transferrable skills!

While it’s been a little bit of an adjustment moving from a fast-paced retail environment into the more sedate, office life, it’s a change that Lynda has thrived in. She was so keen to work with us that she volunteered her time for several weeks before becoming an official member of the team. Lynda first started working with This Is Me on a part-time basis, but since has now become full-time, she must really like working for This Is Me!

When she is in the office, Lynda has been spending her time introducing herself to the clients and gradually getting to know them all, letting them know about her role and finding out all of their needs. Each client is different (even if there are some with the same or similar disabilities) and the level of support and help they need from the team can vary.

With her exceptional people skills, Lynda is proving herself to be just the person for the role and is loving talking to the clients and getting the opportunity to hear how supported they feel and what a difference the agency is making to their businesses and their lives. Knowing that she is a part of that, and will continue to be going forward, has been incredibly rewarding and makes her feel excited to be a part of the team.

We’re thrilled to have her here and can’t wait to see what the future will bring!