Meet the Team - Miranda

Miranda smiling on the couch in the This Is Me Office

When putting together a team of people to work in an organisation like ours, it’s incredibly important to have the right people with the right skills in place. As we keep acquiring more and more clients and support workers, it became obvious that some additional help would be needed. We did say we weren’t going to be hiring any new staff this year, but after our brief search brought us the wonderful Miranda, we just couldn’t help ourselves and couldn’t let her get away!

Having been born in Scotland before ending up in the North East, Miranda has also had the opportunity to travel the world as part of the Royal Navy for fifteen and a half years, working primarily within Administration and HR. Motherhood and a hip injury shifted her trajectory out of the Navy and since then she has worked in car insurance fraud, a concrete factory, a sign company and the National Youth Film Academy in Hexham. However, like many others, the arrival of Covid meant she was unfortunately made redundant.

Prior to seeing our job advertisement, Miranda had never heard of This is Me and was unaware that the type of support provided by Access to Work was available. After lots of research into the scheme and also into what we do, she knew that this would be a job that would be incredibly rewarding and with her new knowledge, wants to tell everyone that there really is help out there for those who need it.

Putting her years and years of experience at our disposal, Miranda will be taking on the role of Client Services Administrator looking after group e-mails, helping with timesheets and calendars and hopefully by the end of the year, assisting in our finance department. She will also be taking care of all the administration for our mental health partners, Health Assured, making sure that all of our staff, clients and support workers have the access they need to the mental health services available.

As we do have quite a small team, it’s important that every member of staff is able to do more than one role, so Miranda will be working quite a lot with Hayley, another new team member. As Hayley will only be working in term time, it’s essential that more than one person is capable of completing her tasks and vice versa. Covid has shown us that anything can happen so the more skill sharing is involved, the better service we can offer.

While Miranda has only been with us a short time so far, she is definitely loving the challenge of learning all of our processes and procedures and is really looking forward to helping the clients. She finds it so worthwhile to be part of something that is making huge differences in people’s lives and can’t wait to see where the agency is going to go next!