Meet the Team - Tyler

Tyler - Social media and marketing coordinator

This is Me has expanded yet again however, this time really is the last, for now anyway! With Michelle and the team becoming busier than ever, we decided it was time to bring someone in to focus solely on our social media marketing with a little bit of administration work thrown in there as well. We are multi-taskers here after all!

Not having much luck going through more conventional methods, Michelle decided to turn to the Kickstart Scheme, a programme designed by the Government to help 16-24 year olds find employment. The scheme allows businesses to apply for funding to help employ a young person who would otherwise have struggled to find employment. With many businesses making tough choices over the past couple of years, the scheme is definitely offering more opportunities for those who may not have had another chance.

Fortunately, we were lucky enough to find Tyler Cree, a 23 year old local girl with a media studies degree and a passion for social media. Social media marketing needs someone who enjoys working on the different platforms, loves networking and creating content and is good at engaging with people and Tyler is definitely all of those things in abundance!

She always knew she wanted to work in social media and was excited at the prospect of working with a disability agency. With a younger brother with autism, she is acutely aware of the struggles faced by people with disabilities and chronic illnesses and was thrilled to know that there was something like This is Me out there for them. Getting the chance to work with the team and raise more awareness for disabilities made this the perfect environment for her to be in.

So far, Tyler has mostly been getting up to speed with all of the accounts on the current social media platforms and working out the best things to post and when. She has spent time experimenting with the creation of different graphics to make things more eye-catching, keeping up with any messages that come through, getting people more engaged and learning about all of the different disabilities that the This is Me clients deal with. Making sure that the social media is accessible to all is extremely important; we do like to practice what we preach!

Tyler may only have been with the team for a few weeks but she’s had no trouble fitting in and finding her feet. It is vital in a small team that everyone works well together and fortunately, that hasn’t been a problem at all. We’re absolutely thrilled that’s she’s here and can’t wait to see what wonderful magic she’s going to work on our social media. Watch this space!