One Year On - Phil Benton

A portrait of Phil Benton in a field

Photo Credit Lee Dobson Photography Ltd

Phil Benton was one of Michelle’s first clients for This is Me and it’s fair to say that the past twelve months have been an absolute revelation for him. Working with his support worker has completely changed the way his business operates and he couldn’t be happier about it!

As with many small business owners, Phil found it difficult at first to cope with everything that running a business entailed and his M.E. really didn’t help the situation. Having his support worker there made him realise just how much work has to be done in the background to run a successful business and how much help he needed.

His support worker has been able to help him with the financial aspects of his business by putting systems in place to track incomings and outgoings and then teach him how to use them. She helps Phil with research, marketing and administration and often goes with him to events to help him run his stall. One of the more beneficial aspects is that she’s able to go with him to training sessions and meetings as he struggles to take in information and finds it difficult to retain what he does manage to take in. Having that extra person to take notes and help him work through things later has been a major asset!

Phil has had so many successes this year that he attributes to the support he has received. He now has stock control, accounts and business management systems in place, he is issuing a regular newsletter and after developing his website and Etsy shop was able to complete his first sale overseas to the USA. To top it all off, one of his prints was shortlisted for Landscape Photography of the Year 2020, none of which he feels would have happened without the help of his support worker.

Working with Phil, Michelle has been able to find out what his strengths and weaknesses are and work out the best ways to help him grow his business. She has encouraged him to try new and different things and is able to help him understand things that he finds difficult to get his head around. She also provides him with welfare support and is a great person to bounce ideas off. Phil finds having someone in his corner and not having to work alone anymore to be a huge benefit. They’re a team.

Looking towards the future Phil’s plan is to carry on with what he’s doing and continue to raise his profile worldwide. He’s so grateful to Michelle Dobson for approaching him and connecting him with his amazing support worker and would urge anyone who is thinking about getting the support but isn’t quite sure yet, to just go for it. Phil has achieved so much in just twelve months, imagine what the next twelve could do!