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Suzanne Williams: Admin Geek & Proud Of It!

Administration work isn’t for everyone and in the case of self-employed people, is often the first thing that gets put to the bottom of the pile...

Administration work isn’t for everyone and in the case of self-employed people, is often the first thing that gets put to the bottom of the pile. Many of our clients tell us that admin is often the thing that they find most difficult to get done, so having Suzanne Williams, the self-professed Admin Geek, onboard as a support worker has been a godsend.

With well over 20 years of experience as an administrator, Suzanne has worked within Personnel, Recruitment and Business Support Services over a wide variety of businesses ranging from financial services all the way over to the music industry, so you can be assured when working with her that she knows her stuff. Now working as a self-employed VA (Virtual Assistant), she’s putting all of that experience to good use by helping businesses who are struggling or simply need a bit of a helping hand.


Suzanne really does love her job, particularly getting the chance to work with This is Me clients. With them, it’s not just about getting the next job on the list ticked off, it’s about building relationships and engendering trust within the partnership. She can see the difference it makes to the individual and their business and finds great pleasure in being a part of their journey.


Currently supporting 5 separate clients, Suzanne’s role as a support worker entails helping them with admin (obviously, she is the Admin Geek), planning, social media management, finance, marketing, bookkeeping and counselling and welfare support. She has also been thrilled to have the chance to work alongside one of her clients to help them grow and develop their business in order to take it to the next level, which really, is exactly what the Access to Work funding is all about. Helping people in business who might otherwise be held back because of their disability, thrive and flourish.


Suzanne meets with her clients several times a week, both online via zoom and in a face to face capacity; whatever works best for them as all clients are different. On the days they don’t meet, they’re always keeping in regular contact via email, WhatsApp and over texts. She believes that flexibility is essential to being a good support worker, along with patience, empathy and good communication. Fortunately, she has all of those skills in abundance which makes her a trusted pair of hands that allows for great relationships.


While Suzanne, loves being a VA, she also really loves working with This is Me, describing it as being a pleasure and a privilege. The values and everything the agency stands for in supporting their clients, completely matches her own beliefs and getting the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, provides masses of job satisfaction. As a support worker, she feels really looked after by the team in the office as well; they’re not just there for the clients, they want everyone involved to feel comfortable being part of the This is Me family, which is why Suzanne never hesitates to recommend the agency!


We absolutely love having Suzanne as part of our team of support workers and if her story has inspired you to want to become one, then we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us via the website or send us an email at [email protected].

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