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Why Do You Need A Blog Anyway?

It’s a good question. We’re constantly told that as business owners we should be blogging, but no one ever really gives a good answer as to why...

So we decided to delve deep into the world of blogging to find out exactly why we should be adding them to our to-do lists!


Blogs have been around for as long as the internet has existed and been used for various purposes. It was initially more like an online diary where people could simply talk about what interested them. While they still retain some of that aspect today (there are millions and millions of people who use blogs for journaling purposes), they’re also used more commonly for marketing and advertising.


These blogs are designed for more than just blurting out one’s thoughts; they have a goal – to get more people looking at your business. The bigger an audience you have, the more potential sales you can get, which in the end, is the whole point.


“So, what is a blog?”

Basically, a blog is a piece of writing that is either directly selling or advertising a product, or just giving information about a topic that is relevant to your business or your customers. Simples.


“Ok, but why do I need one?”

A good question. We’ll break it down for you.


To promote your services and/or products

If you want to tell people about what you do or what you sell, a blog is a fantastic way to do that. Yes, you can also do it on social media (and we’re not saying you shouldn’t) but you can go into more detail on a blog than you would anywhere else. The blog will also drive people to your website (after you’ve shared it on social media, it does have its uses) where they will, hopefully, see other blogs you’ve written, become enamoured with what you do and want to know more.


Free advertising

Research is showing that most companies are using blogs as a way of advertising rather than the traditional ‘in your face pick me pick me’ type of adverts. Being more creative captures your customers attention and is more likely to keep it.


Build your brand

In order to get to know your customers you need to create a rapport with them. Hopefully you’re already doing that with social media, but adding blogs to the mix adds another string to your bow and another outlet to connect with people. It also gives you the chance to show your customers that you know your stuff. You are an expert in what you’re selling and they can trust you and your product.


Keep your audience engaged

Once you’ve got your audience, you want to keep them. You don’t want them to get bored and forget who you are and a good blog will go a long way to doing just that. Blogs can be used for anything; to promote services, give your opinion, advertise a podcast or video you have, promote a collaboration, the list is fairly endless.


The business world is highly competitive, so the more creative you can be, the more engagement you should get.



Search Engine Optimisation. If you haven’t heard of it, this is relevant to where your blog or website will rank in the different search engines. The more you update your website, the higher up the list you can potentially go, thereby driving more people to your website. SEO can take a little bit of time to get your head around, so we’ve included a handy link to an article that can explain it here (


“I’m still not sure…..”

While all that sounds great, you want numbers right? Well we have them! (ref:

  • Businesses that use blogs have, on average, 67% more leads per month than ones that don’t.

  • 70% of consumers report that they would much rather get their information from a blog or an article than any other medium.

  • Blogs and articles can generate almost 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing.

  • 60% of people report feeling more likely to seek out a particular product after reading about it.

  • 82% of consumers say they feel more positive about a business after reading blogs or articles.

  • 78% of people report feeling a stronger connection between themselves and a company that is using blogs.


“I really don’t think I have the time to write blogs”

We understand. We’re all busy doing our thing, but as the figures show, blogs can have a massive impact on your business. Try and make the time to do at least 1 a month. Then you’ll have regular content and will keep your audience engaged.


If you really, really don’t have the time you can always outsource. A well-written blog that’s marketed to the right audience could end up paying for itself.


In short, blogging is excellent for your business, can be great for your brand and build your customer base! So give it a go, you never what might happen!


We want you! If you’re a client of This is Me we’d love to feature you and your business. If this is something you’d be interested in then please contact [email protected]

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