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Client Story Ashleigh

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Ashleigh is a fantastic Podcaster and Creative Entrepreneur, her podcast Nurture Your Zest is all about finding your courage, cultivating your curiosity and learning how to nurture your zest.

In addition to hosting the podcast, Ashleigh also provides training to individuals and businesses in ‘Public Speaking’; ‘How to Plan, Start and Launch a Business’ and ‘How to Grow Your Online Presence Through Guest Podcast Appearances’.

"‘This is Me has been life-changing for me, not only in a professional way, it has also helped me to sort things out in my personal life and business.'"

How did we help?

We helped by...
Supporting Ashleigh through the application process. We know that it can be daunting especially when paperwork is involved!

Finding the right support...
Having a support worker is different for everyone. For Ashleigh, what works best for her is to have time set aside for them to work together every week. They start off with a catch up, bringing forward any questions they might have for each other and then discuss where she might be stuck and create a plan for the day.

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